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WARNING: contains images some people might not like. since Jackson had his Mickey button (his gastrostomy) fitted Jun 16, we have had issues with over granulation (this is where the skin is trying to repair the hole that was made).  we have tried every ointment, cream and dressing that is available in […]

another visit to hospital

 ANOTHER CRAZY AMAZING DAY.. today was started with a visit from Occupational Therapy (OT) that didn’t go down to well. Jax, as always, tried his best but he was having major issues with his hands and feet he wasn’t able to grasp or hold things how he normal does. we […]

sad morning AMAZING afternoon

we have over 900 likes on social media but ive never explained how we come up with the name the little wee man so here goes: Jackson has an amazing 7 year old sister and a Scottish dad. Dad referred to Jackson as a “wee man” when he was first […]

whats behind the name

Jackson has a lot of problems dealing with sensory issues. he cant handle change or transitions very well, he doesn’t like people in his space or changes in environment (such as loud to quiet) instead of crying or having a toddler strop, Jax deals with it in his own little […]

Jax sensory room shopping list

Happy Jax
A nice way to end the week – we have a new website ! The website has been donated by Hightrees Organisation Limited The website will be an ongoing blog of Little Wee Man’s story and will hopefully be of use to other parents with children who have unrecognised or […]

The Little Wee Man Website goes live!

High Numbers image
Hope I don’t jinx it but I’m very pleased to say that for the first time in a few weeks we have high numbers YEAH!!!. I hope and pray this is the start of Jackson beating this bug. And we may even be able to get more then 2hrs sleep […]

High Numbers !

Had a busy morning at Great North Children’s Hospital with physio and portage. It was nice to meet with Jax’s consultant for once when he wasn’t admitted in hospital. He is still delayed physically and mentally but he is making steady progress – he is most delayed in his speech […]

Working hard for physio & portage