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The decision has been made to postpone Jackson’s surgery. He was due back in theatre on Friday to have a new central line fitted. Jax is very very weak at the minute but the PICC line he has in seems to be doing its job. The longer that lasts, the […]

Surgery Postponed

They say a picture paints a thousand words…… Clearing out my phone I’ve come across some old photos of Jax. It absolutely breaks my heart to see the state of my baby. I wish we had answers, I wish we could change what’s happening to him. Watching him deteriorate in […]

A picture paints a thousand words

jax-shop-open image
You can now order your “The Little Wee Man/#answersforjax” wristbands on line – just click on the Shop menu We’ve had to limit this to 5 per order to keep the shipping costs down initially but it is a start in helping to raise funds for getting items for Jackson […]

The Little Wee Man gets a shop !