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proud of jax
We could not be prouder of Jackson he is a star. He struggled (as expected) with his overnighter. He fainted twice and was totally overwhelmed (this is why we wanted to slowly transition him). Some lovely cuddles off granny Scotland definitely helped. Unfortunately for us, when we arrived back at […]

Jackson’s over nighter

21st July 2018 Jax is very flat and tachy.. it’s either infection or because they have altered his PN they have reduced it by 1 hour (104mls). Fingers crossed it’s the PN as that’s easily fixed 22nd July 2018 Unfortunately Jackson has deteriorated over the last few hours. he is […]

21-23rd July Jax Update

We are very proud to say that the little wee man is doing fantastic. he has been having bursts of energy all day. we have even had smiles. its scary times like yesterday that reminds us how fragile and rare our baby is. today he developed the rash that you […]

The Little Wee Man is doing fantastic

Wow… the grand total raised by the FANTASTIC Hunter Theatre Arts is £756. The money will be split between Jax’s fund. Lucy Air Ambulance for Children & SWAN (uk) thank you so much miss Barbara & Charlie #jaxsarmy #answers4jax #teamHTA xx we love you thank you for your continued support […]

WOW – Thank you Hunter Theatre Arts

9th July 2018 Jackson has been having strange things come out of his drainage bag. This then turned into screaming pain when we accessed his peg or jej. Today he was in absolute agony and woke up screaming when I tried to give him his morning medicines so he didn’t […]

9-11th July Update

Jacksons big sister Erin has been a member of a dance school called Hunter Theatre Arts since she was his age (3yrs) so from birth Jax has been a regular at the studio. We are very fortunate and blessed that the staff, parents and children that go there are so […]

Hunter Theatre Arts