8th July – 13th July – Updates

8th July – Unfortunately our trip home today didn’t end well. It started great with a visit to the big sister’s school fete. He was quite overwhelmed and jittery but he lasted about 20 mins we then went home he was coping brilliantly until his milk feed then he started retching this gradually got worse until he was retching blood. So back we came. Try again tomorrow

9th July – I forgot I had this photo on my phone. Jax has a very close relationship with a domestic on the ward. When he’s well she always gets a massive reaction from him as soon as he sees her trolley. here he is helping her mop. Look at his face man.. pure happiness. It’s things like this that helps us get through the bad times you know who you are.. your a super 🌟 and Jax u

10th July – Jackson is broken. The changes to his feed and PN have completely knocked him for 6 (again)
He has been retching uncontrollably over the weekend. Today he hasn’t even managed to hold his head up. I HATE seeing him like this especially after doing so well last week.
I took him home today for a few hours He slept the majority of it. On call have stopped all feeds he is now on IVT fluid as well as his lower rate PN. Hopefully that will perk him up a bit.
As always thanks for your support. #Jaxarmy gives him the strength to get through this xx