A day in the life of Jackson

So this morning Jax was nice and settled when I got him dressed I noticed his back was burnt where he has pooed (yes it has gone up his back).
We went to the physio gym for Jax to practice walking on the parallel bars HE DID BRILLIANT then he went on to climb some stairs ON HIS OWN! Totally amazing.

Because Jackson is so determined he doesn’t have an off switch even when his body is shaking he will still continue to push himself – this happened today so we had to remove him from the gym because he was getting very shaky as well as changing colour.

Back on the ward, he had slept or lay down most of the day which we put down to him been shattered, then on call doctor comes in (this is never a good sign)

Jax blood cultures have continued to show staph on his blood so he has to be treat with IV antibiotics this got started tonight. He has also stopped tolerating dioralyte he got to 19ml per hour and has had a massive episode tonight full on screaming, colour change, retching and SATS drop. Whether this is related to his blood results or pure coincidence we do not know but tonight unfortunately we have a poorly Jackson back