another visit to hospital

WARNING: contains images some people might not like.

since Jackson had his Mickey button (his gastrostomy) fitted Jun 16, we have had issues with over granulation (this is where the skin is trying to repair the hole that was made).  we have tried every ointment, cream and dressing that is available in the community but to no avail it just keeps on growing and growing and growing and ………………………..

we hoped that Jackson would be able to manage to November without intervention then his surgeon would slice off the granulation when they do his fundoplication (his next operation for his sickness). unfortunately the size of it means something more needs to be done now hopefully it will just be a silver nitrate treatment. I have spoke with his surgeon today and we are going back in the morning to see her for treatment.

the photos are a cute one of Jax on tube change day. then what his peg SHOULD look like (image took from google) then a photo of Jacksons peg.


Happy Jax on tube change day


what a peg should look like


what Jacksons look like 3 month after surgery


Jackson peg last week after using ‘Allevyn’ dressing

as you can see from photos there is substantial growth. I will update tomorrow after we have seen surgeon