Back after surgery

Amazing jax is back his surgery was a success and his new central line is in place.

He’s still asleep but he’s got his new bed !

We also had a meeting with Jackson’s community team on the ward. His Neuro Dr came in as well. It was very positive meeting, we are very lucky he has such a supportive team and finally after 2 years of fighting WE HAVE A SOCIAL WORKER! yeah!! It’s took along time but we got there in the end. All in all a good day

Jax and his new bed

Spoke to Soon!! This little monkey has spiked a temperature! low blood pressure & high heart rate. And just done his best Smurf impression! Back on tazocyn & tyke for a suspected line infection!! ( a line that’s been in 6hrs) his consultant been and seen him and she wants to postpone Fridays theatre xx