Today Jackson has been on really good form. We went for a walk and he went blue in Superdrug but apart from that little episode he’s been brilliant. The consultants here are liaising with RVI to make the final decision if the investigations will take place on Thursday in the […]

Great Ormond Street Hospital Diary – Day 14

Another great day for Jackson. He’s still breath holding and going bradycardic and tachycardic but apart from that we managed to get him out today. He managed a bus & The Official London Eye.who I have to say were FANTASTIC at accommodating him. We then had a lovely walk along […]

Great Ormond Street Hospital Diary – Day 11

Jax continues to improve. He’s getting his cheekiness back and is also pulling big sister’s hair (which is definitely a sign things are getting better 😂). Today we have met with Neuro again and metabolic doctors to discuss further testing to see if they can help Jackson in anyway. Unfortunately […]

Great Ormond Street Hospital Diary – Day 9

Jackson continues to fight his infection and is definitely feeling better. His day started with a visit from Lucy Air Ambulance for Children. These are the people that arranged all of Jax’s transfers down here. It was so lovely to meet them and Erin and Jackson loved their bears – […]

Great Ormond Street Hospital Diary – Day 10