feeding tube awareness week

Our gorgeous little man has been fed via a tube since he was a about a month old.
He has a unsafe swallow and can’t coordinate his swallowing and breathing so ends up aspirating everything (imagine when your food goes down the wrong way) his feed went straight into his lungs resulting in pneumonia (7 Times in his first year) chest infections and lots of breath holding.
first it was NG tube (nasal gastric) down his nose into his tummy but he pulled this out or vomited it out until both his nostrils closed up due to trauma. This meant he had emergency surgery to fit a PEG (gastrostomy) which is a feeding tube direct into his stomach. Most recently he has had a JEJ (jejostomy) which is a feeding tube direct into his bowel and he has free drainage from his peg.
As well as a central line/PIC line direct into his heart which feeds him his nutrients. Without feeding tubes Jax wouldn’t be here. Simple as that..
Before I had Jackson I wouldn’t know what a feeding tube was which is why I feel it’s important to raise awareness this week. So please share this #tubebaby #feedingtubeawareness