Great Ormond Street Hospital Diary – Day 8

Due to the quick intervention down here and the super strength of our boy Jax is doing great.. what a difference 24 hours makes.
He is continuing on the IV antibiotics and he has also had his 1st blood transfusion, so in true Jackson style, he is O neg. Which is apparently one of the rarer ones (according to Dr Google so that may be wrong). Anyways, he has had it and wow what a difference for the first time in months Jackson has rosy cheeks.
Because of how poorly he is, the rest of this week’s investigations have been cancelled until he is strong enough to have them and we won’t be transferred back up north as it is unsafe for him to travel.

As inconvenient as this is. it is totally the right thing to do we have 100% confidence in what they are doing down here. He is without a doubt in the right place and for that we are thankful.

Thank you for your well wishes and prayers I truly believe #Jaxsarmy carries him through these tough times. Xxx