Hunter Theatre Arts

Jacksons big sister Erin has been a member of a dance school called Hunter Theatre Arts since she was his age (3yrs) so from birth Jax has been a regular at the studio.

We are very fortunate and blessed that the staff, parents and children that go there are so understanding of Jacksons ‘quirks’. they have seen him at his best and they have seen him at his worse. They will do anything to help support Jax and spread his story and raise awareness about undiagnosed children like him.
The school hosts a fantastic dance show at the Tyne Theatre & Opera House every few years and it is HUGE!.

This year i was approached by the Principal who said she would like the proceeds of the show programme sales to go to Jacksons charities i was overwhelmed!

We decided to share the funds raised between Jax fund and 2 charities who have helped us they are SWAN UK (Syndromes Without A Name) the only support network for parents of undiagnosed children like Jackson and Lucy Air Ambulance for Children who flew Jackson down to GOSH for tests.

The show compere, Charlie Richmond spoke about Jackson whilst a montage of his photos played on a big screen in the background, it was beautiful and they raised lots of money for the causes and most importantly they shared his story.

I absolutely feel and believe that there will be someone out there who can help us and help Jax but the only way we will find them is with the help of people like Miss Barbara.
so for all the support you have given Jax’s sister over the last year and a half THANK YOU. for the huge amount of work you do for Jackson THANK YOU. and for raising lots of money for Lucy, Swan uk and Jacksons fund THANK YOU xxx it means the world to us.