Jacksons first trip to the theatre

tonight, against all odds, I took the kids to see Mary Poppins at the theatre royal. if I’m honest I was dreading it…. the reason being is that the tickets were booked over a year ago when my husbands rota meant he was home to look after Jax, obviously that got changed…..
Jackson really struggles with transitions and is having a sensory nightmare at the minute so the thought of all the lights songs etc filled me with dread.
anyhow, we went my daughter carrying all the bags I had Jackson blankie and oxygen (feeding kit suction machine SATS monitor and emergency hospital kit & buggy were in the van which I luckily got parked next to the door)

the show was FANTASTIC. and what was even more amazing was how much Jax was loving it he was perched on my knee leaning forward so he could watch the show (I was amazed). it was unbelievable he managed for the whole show until…. right at the end with the cheering and clapping it got to much and his saliva went down the wrong way he began choking on it the forgot to breathe luckily a few back slaps was all that was needed to bring him back round EEK!

anyone who may be reading this who struggles or cares for someone with complex needs, as hard as it is get out there and enjoy life.. tonight has proved that even with a little set back its possible to live a ‘normal’

yet again my amazing little warrior has proved how awesome he os and I’m so so proud of both my kids. xx