Jax and gastric emptying study

Jackson did amazing (ish) today this morning’s gastric emptying study was 30ml radioactive stuff and 150ml of his feed via peg into his stomach. He had to sit on a chair with a xray thing infront and behind him. Almost instantly as the feed went he was in pain screaming and raising his legs this went on for about 10 mins then he past out. So he was able to complete the test but he woke screaming! So we aspirated him out of the 180ml they put in. 3 hrs later 145ml came out. As soon as it was out he was happy Jackson again. Then onto the barium. This was only about 40ml the contrast showed it in the stomach but again not really going anywhere. 2 hrs later he was x rayed again and it had trickled into his large bowel. But he got to see his favourite radiology ladies.

So basically we now have pictures that show his stomach and bowel don’t work the way they should.

Massive thank you again Shelley for coming to the rescue and collecting big sister for us xx