Little Wee Man showcased his frame walking skills to the newly weds

Wow!  A massive thank you to everyone at Mr & Mrs Dobson’s wedding for their kind donations for Jackson’s fund

This is the moment when the Little Wee Man showcased his frame to the newly weds – a very proud humbling moment. Jax your amazing. (So is your big sis for supporting you)

Little Wee Man on his walking frame at Wedding


A huge thank you to the staff at The South Causey Inn who all donated their nightly tips as well as raffling off a night in one of there super posh rooms.

And of course the Ogri MCC who’s continuous support is unbelievable.

We are truly thankful to each and every one of you.

In total £620 was handed over to us. Like Jax you never give up and its because of that we WILL get answers. #answers4jax #thelittleweeman #jaxarmy