Jax- heart rate is continuing to dip into the low 60’s

Unfortunately another rough night for Jackson

His heart rate is continuing to dip into the low 60’s. Dad was up with him all last night having to stimulate him to get his heart back up above 70’s.

This is scary for us as normally the alarms are enough to jolt him back up but he is not responding to the alarms any more.
We don’t know why he is doing this but for us its scary he is well below the ‘normal’ rate for a child and the general consensus seems to be that as long as his HR is isolated h’es fine……
The last time other things went wrong he went from been ok-ish to full blown septic shock within the space of 10 mins!
His consultant is going to speak with the Freeman today as she believes that they need to see him.
Fingers crossed he turns a corner and soon xx