Jax is still generally unwell

So….. Jackson continues to spike a temperature and generally been ‘unwell’ last night he had on call doctors out taking more bloods for culture to see if he has a fungal infection.
He has been on IV antibiotics for 6 days now for treatment of his ‘septic episode’ so docs agree if he’s still spiking there not working so they have been stopped so we can get a true blood culture not masked by antibiotic for the micro biologist.
We are all stuck, we don’t know why he is ill. So consultant said we were allowed out for a treat . This did not go well Jackson had a awful sensory meltdown and just went into one of his sleeps.

For now we can’t do anything until he is well.

He is booked in for more surgery on Monday to get another central line fitted. This one will be a port so in theory less chance of over granulating.
It’s been a tough few weeks but when he is awake he is smiling. So if he can smile so can we. Thanks again for your continued support xx