Jax sensory room shopping list

Jackson has a lot of problems dealing with sensory issues. he cant handle change or transitions very well, he doesn’t like people in his space or changes in environment (such as loud to quiet) instead of crying or having a toddler strop, Jax deals with it in his own little ways such as

  • breath holding until we intervene to remind him to breathe
  • shakes uncontrollably
  • becomes unresponsive
  • screams and screams and screams without taking a breath in
  • turns blue etc etc the list goes on

these are his most regular responses, we deal with it by swaddling, putting ear defenders on him covering him with his blankie etc sometimes he wants cuddles other times he cant bare to be touched. but one thing he has always responded to is sensory equipment such as bubble tubes light tubes etc. they have an almost instant calming effect on him.

when we designed our extension (our house is tiny we are bursting at the seams) we felt it was important that Jackson not only got his own room but that we made his room into safe place for him. somewhere were he could go to remove himself away from day to day life.

as I have mentioned before Jackson has an amazing medical support team. the NHS has provide us with the basic equipment that he needs to further his development such as his chair and standing frame, but sensory equipment isn’t funded by the NHS. the cost of it just cant be justified when they are children out there needing basic equipment. as a family we fully appreciate that which is why we decided to fund raise.

so far via our go fund me page we have raised over £2000 AMAZING.


So far the money raised will buy

this sensory corner kit from Rompa


I will update this page regularly with our sensory shopping list