MDT update

So the consultants had their meeting (gastro & neuro, unfortunately respiratory couldn’t make it.)

The outcome is that neuro & gastro want a second opinion on Jax from Great Ormond Street Hospital. GOSH have the equipment to carry out investigations that they can’t do up here.

To get Jax to GOSH we need to get him to his maximum capacity with feed which is 41ml ph as this is what he could tolerate at his best. He is currently on 18ml and struggling, he is retching lots and his poos have gone funny again.

There is also further testing here they want to do, I know one of them is another MRI that he was due when he turned 2 and some more gastro investigations.

We know that this will be a long drawn out process and we will be led by Jackson, in the meantime they will continue to look after him here.

So we are on a mission to get Jax referral ready.

Come on Jackson xx #answers4jax #jaxarmy