no updates

ive not updated you for awhile because there is nothing to update we are stuck in groundhog day.. its deja vu but on a different week.
Jackson isnt tolerating his feeds AGAIN he is in pain AGAIN his feed gets stopped AGAIN he then loses weight AGAIN gets dehydrated AGAIN requires IV fluids to compensate AGAIN. So the plan of action AGAIN… lets change his feed AGAIN and rebuild him up.. we are on the NINTH cycle of this rubbish plan! its wearing us out.
the feed they have switched him to isnt a new one its one that he has tried (and failed) before.
trying to think positive and thursday his consultant is back and today his dietician is going to introduce a blended diet to him im not sure how it works i will update when i know but its something new so im 100% behind them trying it. because otherwise it looks like we will be here forever.
sorry i have no good news to share 🙁 i dont even want to post a photo as he isnt even smiling today