sad morning AMAZING afternoon

today was started with a visit from Occupational Therapy (OT) that didn’t go down to well. Jax, as always, tried his best but he was having major issues with his hands and feet he wasn’t able to grasp or hold things how he normal does.

we spoke about the recent problems he is having with his transitions, mainly why he is vomiting when he gets moved out of his comfort zone. And why he “blacks out” when things become to much. something needs doing but the question is what??

its amazing that Jacksons support team recognise his issues (as a lot of professional fail to accept Sensory Processing Disorder in little ones) and they are helping us work through it. the suit provided for him by the NHS works fantastic so OT is going to try and get him a second larger one that covers him more as we know that these suits help ground him and help him feel safe.

because our fundraising has gone past 2k we are able to purchase a spare suit which is amazing because the problem with a tight lycra suit is it tends to squeeze nappy contents right up the back YUCK. so having a spare while one is in the wash will massively improve Jax day to day life. if we get the additional larger one bonus! x

so that was this morning but as you all know Jackson likes to shock us and he did by “walking”

OMG…. YEAH…… GO JAX again I apologise in advance for my screeching on the video but he started marching on the spot. this means there is a super super high chance that Jackson will walk. previously he hasn’t weighed bared but work with his standing frame has meant he can hold himself up (supported) for up to 30 mins. doing the “marching” is a whole new level AMAZING.
so why is it a big deal = it is called a primitive reflex that is found in newborn babies it indicates that the central nervous system is sending messages to the legs and feet. mixed in with this morning when he was having “naughty feet” what a fantastic end to his day YEAH buzzing