The Little Wee Man is doing fantastic

We are very proud to say that the little wee man is doing fantastic. he has been having bursts of energy all day. we have even had smiles.
its scary times like yesterday that reminds us how fragile and rare our baby is. today he developed the rash that you would expect to get as a first sign of sepsis. luckily the staff that were on last night know Jax very well and responded fantastically had they waited for ‘signs’ that Jackson was infected I dread to think where we would be now.
Jacksons autonomic dysfunction is real and it puts Jackson in real danger the difference is now we have a name for why he has no temperatures no raised CRPs no warning signs etc.
please keep sharing his story someone somewhere must have answers. xx
#answers4jax #jaxsarmy #sepsiswarrior