Week 1 after Jackson has been discharged

I’mm not going to lie – it has been tough. Jackson is struggling LOTS on a night time, he has needed to be masked a few times 😥😥. even though we expected it, to see Jax suffer like this is awful.
During the day he is coming on so much, his walking is AMAZING.
His sensory issues means the real world is a fight for him, he is petrified. A huge huge thank you to the staff at Asda who helped me on Saturday when he had a meltdown at the checkouts and started going blue and choking. This meant I had to leave the shop with him (complete with some of my shopping unpaid for!!!). I don’t think they knew if they should phone an ambulance or the police lol. but they were great!! (and I obviously returned to pay my bill).

yesterday we went out for birthday dinner for Jax big sister. the staff at Woodhorn know us well and they are so accommodating they put us in the quiet/empty area as they know he cant cope THANK YOU Brewers Fayre Woodhorn Grange

Here is to week 2 – lots of meetings, deliveries and cuddles!!