what a week (sorry for the rambling)

to update on what has been happening with Jackson is as per usual, very varied.

we started last Thursday going back in hospital to have the overgranulation of his peg site cauterised. the following day unfortunately Jax was in a lot of pain due to the healthy skin around the peg getting burnt by the silver nitrate stick. we took him to see his nurses and they had to seek advice from the tissue viability team. we got some gel and dressing to treat the burns.

on Saturday Jacksons dressing was rotten! it looks like the sight has now come infected so back to hospital we go before we get there Jackson has a Black poo!

once at hospital its confirmed that he has a wound infection and the black poo is probably from internal bleeding from were he was cauterised.

then on Sunday he goes and stands up on his own. again apologies for the screeching in the video (please watch

). THIS IS MASSIVE every day my gorgeous beautiful boy surprise and shocks me.

Monday was a meeting at the hospital to discuss Jax possible having purees to see if he can tolerate that better then liquid or if he will still aspirate. we were very pleased to see that one of Jacksons neuro doctors was chairing the meeting. she has known Jackson since the beginning and was explaining to her colleagues how he was a medical marvel. she also explained a few things that help us understand why Jax keeps having this over granulation.

it was decided that we are not going to try any oral tasters until after his next operation because if he was to aspirate it it would jeopardise the operation going ahead and that was too much of a risk. we felt gutted but agree that Jacksons safety is more important.

he has started his winter vaccinations to stop him getting nasty infections and we are in with his respiratory team on Thursday for a review..

hes amazing and we love him so much xx thank you all for your continued support xx