where have we been?

its been a crazy few weeks for us, Jackson has a bug which he just cant shift (sickness & diarrhoea). to go alongside this he is struggling sensory wise as well as the winter weather coming in meaning that he is started to work harder when he is breathing due to the heating being on…


we have had another review with his respiratory consultant nothing will be changed oxygen wise over the winter months.

next week is his operation he is having a fundoplication done (this is a tie in the esophagus tube to hopefully stop him aspirating when he is sick) it is a MAJOR operation, but most importantly he needs to shift this bug to be well enough for him to have it.

I will update properly when I have chance to properly sit down and go through things when I’m not cover in sick, poo or answering alarms….

thanks again for all your continued support it means so much to us

all our love Jax family xxx